Emmanuel George Otieno

Multidisciplinary Designer

Visual Designer & eLearning Developer

With eight years of experience in crafting dynamic visual branding and engaging multimedia content, I’ve honed my skills  to create learning solutions that engage users across devices, cultures and fields.

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Digital Learning

Four years’ experience in eLearning and Instructional Design. I have honed my instructional design and frontend development skills to create vibrant eLearning modules and customize engaging eLearning platforms. This involves aspects of instructional design, translation & localization, quality assurance, project management, user interface design, eLearning development, and visual design.

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Sample Courses

Review sample eLearning materials demonstrating aspects of elearning and instructional design, graphics, animation, localisation, gamification, testing, feedback and more.

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Sample Videos

Take a look at videos in various formats and styles, including explainers, instruction manuals, animated videos, screen capture and with AI-generated localised voices.

Brand Design

I’m a graphic designer passionate about crafting cohesive brand identities. I help businesses build a strong visual presence across all platforms and media. From creating logos and designing company profiles to crafting custom icons and captivating videos, I ensure your brand message is consistent and impactful, whether it’s on a website, social media post, or printed material.

Video & Animation

Breathe life into your brand identity or educational content with video and animation services! I take your vision and transform it into engaging content. From explainer videos and screen captures to captivating animations and clear instruction manuals, I offer a range of solutions to strengthen your brand message across all platforms.

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Web Design

I craft user-friendly websites that perfectly reflect your brand. Whether you need a simple one-pager, a robust eLearning platform built on Moodle or WordPress, or a thriving eCommerce store, I can handle it all. I optimize your site for search engines (SEO) to attract new visitors and ensure ongoing maintenance keeps your website running smoothly.